It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out beauty/wellness professionals can play a significant role in the war on skin cancer.  They are part of the biggest non-medical profession seeing skin most often, making them the first line of defense in spotting early signs of the disease on their guests.

One in five people will develop skin cancer over their lifetime.  And research estimates 9500 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed daily, and more than two people die each hour from melanoma, the deadliest of the skin cancers.

The average beauty/wellness professional will see approximately 120 cases of skin cancer over their career.  In 2013, their industry employed more than 1.2 million licensed professionals.  Multiplying the estimated number of skin cancer cases by the number of licensed professionals, there are 144 million people these professionals can potentially save from invasive treatment or death resulting from unrecognized and diagnosed skin cancer.

As beauty/wellness professionals, the relationship between you and guests is forged and reinforced over time and experience.  Their connection with you grows from casual to an undeniable bond that results in them confiding in you – and you them – about life, love and other personal things.  They’ve grown to trust you for more than your expertise and the service you provide.  You have become their therapist, confidante and friend, and for some you’re like family to them.  Because of their confidence in you, they listen to what you have to say.  While there is room for them to be vigilant in looking out for signs of skin cancer, you could be the one to spot a skin abnormality they weren’t aware of before a physician does.  One reason is they see you more often than they do the doctors that care for them.

So when it comes to skin cancer, you are perfectly positioned to have a positive impact on their health.  You hold an important key in helping recognize skin cancer on a guest and encourage them to seek prompt medical attention from a dermatologist.

Through our Eyes On Cancer Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness course, more than 10,900 professionals have been trained and certified to spot early signs of skin cancer.  We have received numerous testimonies from you that identified skin cancer on their guest who was subsequently diagnosed and successfully treated for skin cancer.

Unlike most other teachings, EOC’s certification course teaches professionals what skin cancer looks like in its early stage and provides instructions on how to confidently speak with clients about what they see without causing panic or alarm.  The course in no way endorses the process of diagnosis and treatment but rather instructs beauty/wellness professionals to refer guests to their physician for evaluation and treatment, eliminating any risk for malpractice concerns or lawsuits.

Eyes On Cancer is a program of SkyMD Teledermatology and is now offered FREE of charge.  SkyMD is our online medical dermatology practice that allows patients to upload photos of any skin disorder, including skin cancer, rashes and eczema to its platform where a board certified dermatologist will diagnose, propose treatment and prescribe medication.

Not only is Eyes On Cancer’s Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness course a value-added component to the work you do every day, imagine the impression guests will have seeing a certificate of completion posted at your work station.  Imagine the level of comfort they’ll experience knowing SkyMD’s board certified dermatologists are available to see (without leaving your chair or place of business), them without having to making an appointment or experience a long wait.

The perfect complement to what you do and the relationship you have with guests is right here.  Now when something suspicious is spotted on your guest’s skin, there doesn’t have to be a delay in them receiving treatment.  Our SkyMD doctors are available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure they receive prompt medical attention.  Our services are available nationwide, with or without insurance.  It’s free to sign up and the visit price is always shown upfront– with no surprise bills later.

Together we can make a difference!

If you haven’t taken Eyes On Cancer’s Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness course, do it today!  Remember, IT’S FREE.

Share this awareness with your colleagues and encourage them to get certified, too.