Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD is proud to announce a new partnership with Salonch, a platform that connects beauty professionals with the right salon, spa or barbershop workplace.

With Salonch, beauty professionals can explore, learn and discover career opportunities!

Owners showcase what makes their business unique, what they have to offer the beauty professional for employment, and exactly what they are looking for in a team member.

The beauty professional is able to learn detailed information about each salon, spa or barbershop in their area and make an informed decision on which establishments are the right match for them.

Owners are now able to attract a team that will be the right fit for their business model, structure and team culture.

With this partnership, Salonch will increase awareness of Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD’s Certification Program to help save lives, and Eyes On Cancer will help beauty professionals learn about Salonch so that they can find their beauty tribe and thrive!

To learn more about what Salonch has to offer beauty professionals and salon, spa and barbershop owners, go to salonch.com.