Paul’s Story

Paul Thomas shares his experience of a long time client’s mole changing and becoming worrisome over time.

Paul: We are here at the Paul Mitchell gathering in Hawaii January 2015.
Dr Dean: You have an experience you want to share with us about finding a person who had a skin cancer.
Paul: I certainly do. It was a client of mine and she got a mole right in the top of her head and it was pink. As the weeks went on it started to discolor so I advised her ‘I think you’d better see a doctor’She ignored me so I went to her house, talked to her husband, her husband took her to the doctor. Come to find out it was malignant and they took out a circle about two and a half inches in diameter. And he [the doctor] asked her ‘what made you come’ and she said ‘my hairdresser’ and he said ‘your hairdresser saved your life’