While researcher are looking for ways to treat skin cancer, Eyes On Cancer is looking to train EVERY beauty/wellness professional to spot early signs of the disease on guests and urge them to seek prompt medical attention from a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.  Caught early, skin cancer’s like melanoma, the deadliest of them, can be successfully treated and cured.

Eyes On Cancer calls beauty professionals FIRST LINE DEFENDERS.  Why?  Because they see their client’s skin more frequently than the doctors who care for them and are perfectly positioned to recognize signs of skin cancer…when they’ve been trained to know what to look for.  Without a training like EOC’s Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness certificate course hairdressers, barbers and other beauty/wellness professionals might otherwise overlook skin cancer, or at best make an assumption about what they see.  Lizelle of Lizelle’s Headquarters recently shared with us the impact Eyes On Cancer has had on her as a hairdresser.

Lizelle realized the importance of keeping an eye on her clients.  Here’s her story.

“About 8 years ago I had a gentleman come in for his regular 5 week trim and I noticed a “sore” on his ear. I Inquired about it, and he said he wasn’t sure what it was.  I told him if it didn’t heal up he should get it checked.  Fast forward 2 more haircuts without getting it checked, I got kinda firm and said, “You really should have this looked at.  If you don’t call your doctor I will!”  By his next hair cut he was thanking me for being so persistent.  He did finally go to the doctor, and he had melanoma.  It was caught early and was treated successfully!  This was my light bulb moment. Ever since then I have been more aware and once I came across your course it was a no-brainer for me!  Thank you!”

Lizelle’s WHY led her to take Eyes On Cancer’s Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness course.  While she is not expected to diagnose what she sees, Lizelle knows signs of skin cancer when she sees it and can encourage guests not to wait, but to seek prompt medical attention.  So,  What’s stopping you from getting certified?  The course is FREE.  Yes, FREE!  Immediately following SkyMD Teledermatology’s acquisition of Eyes On Cancer, program courses were made available as a FREE public offering to beauty/wellness professionals across the world.  To date, 11,744 have been trained and certified.  The course is only 20 minutes, with a short quiz that follows to become certified.

SkyMD Teledermatology is a web-based telemedicine platform and mobile app, that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet/iPad (Android users/Apple users), and allows patients to be see a board certified dermatologist from their home, office or elsewhere, for any skin disorder.  Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, patients simply upload pictures of their skin condition (including skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, rash), to the platform answer, let the physician know some basic information, such as length of time with the skin condition and/or any prescriptions currently being used, and then wait for the dermatologist to return a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Now when beauty professionals spot a skin abnormality on their guest (skin cancer or other disorder), SkyMD is here to help. FAQ   SkyMD is available in all 50 US states, accepts most major insurances and has a current response time of 1hr 24mins, to see a doctor.   To learn more or see one of our doctors for your skin condition, visit SkyMD.com.