In August of last year, 2016, I noticed a small scab in the crown area of my client’s scalp. I was now very conscious of little lesions and uncommon spots and made it a practice to use the client’s phone to take a picture so that we could monitor it. Six weeks later, the spot was still there, but now it just seemed like an open wound. We photographed again and I advised that she go to the dermatologist to get it checked. My client, being the resilient, strong woman that she is, said it would be fine, she was just picking at it. Another six weeks went by and again, the lesion was there but now it looked like it was somewhat healing. She had gone to the dermatologist and they had prescribed a topical antibiotic. Unfortunately, after another 6 weeks, the lesion was back and an open wound again. This time I had to be the strong one and tell her that I would not book her next appointment to have her new extensions put in, unless she went back to the doctor.  In January of 2017, my client called me to tell me that her scab was skin cancer. She had gone to a new doctor and they immediately did a biopsy and discovered melanoma. She told me that the doctor was impressed that her hair stylist had been there to spot it.

Marina Westover
Director of Training for EASIHAIR PRO